Special Events

Global sports events like the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup are unique opportunities for broadcasters to distinguish themselves in front of a national audience. If you plan to cover international sporting events, Aldea has the experience and know-how to help you maximize your coverage while avoiding the cost and complexity of setting up your own international communications facilities.

Since 2006 Aldea has been selected by major broadcasters in the Americas and Europe to be their transmission partner for major events such as:


(Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014)


(Beijing 2008, London 2012, Sochi 2014, Rio de Janeiro 2016)


(Rio 2007, Guadalajara 2011, Toronto 2015)


(Colombia 2011)


(Argentina 2011, Chile 2015)


Aldea team works hand in hand with rights holders from the initial planning to the close of each event. Broadcasters can take advantage of cost-effective end-to-end managed solutions over our Video Fiber network, which offers unparalleled low latency, ample bandwidth for SD and HD video, as well as IP data and voice services to simplify operations and reduce costs. To ensure the reliability of your broadcasts, you can always count on support from dedicated staff at our 24×7 Network Management Center, as well as on-site multilingual staff that ensure the on-time and successful performance of each service provided. For maximum reliability, we also offer the option of diverse and redundant fiber routes.


Aldea also offers full transmission and production services specific to requirements for non-rights holders. We enhance each customer’s reporting coverage by partnering with local production companies to provide added local event and country knowledge.



Complete End-To-End Solutions

Minimize the burden of global sports events coverage on your organization. Aldea offers complete end-to-end solutions, including video and data services, and one-stop-shopping for technical broadcast services.

Seamless coverage

Ensure seamless and stress-free coverage of large-scale sports events. Thanks to Aldea’s technology, tailor-made approach and expertise in major events, we can offer reliable and very high quality coverage of global sports events, no matter how complex or distant they are from your home audience.

Expanded Coverage

Offer expanded coverage. Ample bandwidth is available to cost-effectively carry multiple HD and SD feeds. You can also send and receive materials 24 hours a day, without the cost and complexity of booking additional satellite space.

Cost Effective Solutions

Streamline operations and reduce costs. Aldea sports events solutions can include additional services — return video channels, corporate data links, Internet access, and VoIP — to improve your operations while reducing total costs.

Dedicated Support

Count on dedicated support. Our event project team supports your broadcast requirements from the planning phases well before the event, through to the closing ceremonies. Moreover, we provide added support with on-site, multilingual staff to coordinate local activities and provide direct, personal support to our clients.