Events coverage

During the coverage of live events broadcasters are under pressure as they need to ensure the highest levels of quality while minimizing their cost. At Aldea, events coverage is one of our specialities, with years of expertise providing turnkey solutions, from production in the ground to full transport and technical support.

Our Upcoming Events Section in our website allows broadcasters and news organizations to plan their coverage of scheduled events and breaking news without the cost and risk of setting up their own international communications facilities and on-site production. To check our coverage during the last year, please also visit our Past Events page. Aldea offers its clients solutions for scheduled international events such as sporting championships and political summits. And we thrive when it comes to rapidly arrange service packages for breaking news. Content transport is done via our high quality fiber network, and when the event happens in remote locations, SNG trucks or flyaways are deployed for satellite access.


The range of broadcast services we can coordinate includes: play outs, ENG crews, SNG units, stand-up positions, and studio facilities. Aldea’s Network Management Centre supervises every transmission on our network to ensure video and audio quality, to adapt to changes required during the broadcast, and to troubleshoot any issues instantly.



We get you the truck or feed point, the production if needed and the end-to-end transmission. One supplier without the usual stress of handling a production team, an uplink, a turnaround or downlink, a switch and/or a fiber.

Low latency

Our state-of-the-art fiber network will give you the lowest delay in your transmission; fluid communication with field reporters, without objectionable delays or pauses.

Full coverage for special events

No need to fly in your crew, which means reduced cost and logistics. We provide support with on-site multilingual staff that will coordinate your whole production.

Competitive pricing

Contact Aldea to learn about the available pricing options.