Aldea Solutions Inc. was established in 2000 with the mission to offer a new generation of fiber optics based services for the global transmission and distribution of high quality video content. Continuous investment in infrastructure and advanced technology, coupled with extensive expertise in the broadcast and telecom fields have led Aldea to steady growth and recognition in the marketplace as a premier provider of broadcast services in the Americas and Europe.

The Company has its headquarters in Montreal, Canada. At Aldea our touchstones are uncompromised integrity, visionary thinking and a total focus to deliver unparalleled value to our consumers and business partners.

Since 2008 Aldea is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Grupo Marcatel, an international group of enterprises in the telecommunication services market. Founded in 1996, Grupo Marcatel is based in Monterrey, Mexico and operates several telecom entreprises including among others, Marcatel Com, a leading provider of telecommunications services in Mexico with presence in over 150 cities (