Video as File

Sports and other live events are played around the world in different time zones. By mixing real time content with non real time transmission, Aldea new service “Video as File” provides content owners an innovative way to expand their footprint and attract new customers in developing markets in a cost effective way.

Aldea’s “Video as File” service makes use of file transfer technology for either the acquisition or the distribution of content. Aldea provides ingest, storage, playout and format transcoding of live broadcast quality video signals and files. The result is a flexible service that will match format, distribution methods and overall budget of the both the seller and buyer of content ensuring maximum return on investment.
As Sports right owners and right holders are looking for new ways to either sell or buy sports content, “Video as File” service offers a solution for both parties and can be adapted to fit individual needs. By outsourcing the management of the service to Aldea, the rights owners can focus on their core business as we take care of the effective distribution of their content.



For Sports Right Owners

Maximize profit by providing right sized distribution method and increase revenue through increase in content sales. Potential to up sell broadcasters.

For the Broadcaster

Decrease operational costs and increase advertising revenue for broadcasters due to acquisition of new premium content.