Full time service

Aldea’s permanent video services enable broadcasters and content owners to realize the full value of their television content by distributing it to a worldwide market. The services consist of full-time point-to-point or point-to-multipoint video circuits typically interconnecting TV production, aggregation and distribution centers.

In addition to high quality broadcast video connectivity (in SD or HD) Aldea permanent communications packages can be also combined with data links for file-based workflows and corporate communications. Aldea provides complete solutions, including (as required): video encoding and decoding equipment, standards conversion, transport equipment, switching, as well as the video and data dedicated bandwidth on our Network.
Right-size your solution: typical bandwidth range for dedicated links is 2 to 16 Mbit/s for SD video, and 8 to 80 Mbit/s for HD video. Even higher bandwidths can also be requested, and can combine video bandwidth with any size data service. Several levels of redundancy and protection can be provided, depending on application requirements.

Key Features


Permanent services are provisioned over the Aldea Network video network which is designed to effectively provide flexible and reliable transmission for our clients’ most demanding requirements. Key features of our network include:


When Broadcasters use circuits for several hours a week, a permanent circuit provides guaranteed availability, quick access to the bandwidth through circuits that are always connected and monitored.


Permanent video or data services are built, managed and monitored by video knowledgeable staff, thus ensuring Broadcasters with increased quality of service and understanding of their requirements.


Permanent services are built on a dedicated, video-friendly point-to-point infrastructure and Broadcasters can trust that any video issue on their circuit will be managed diligently and there will not be any unauthorized access to their content.


Aldea’s large bandwidth backbone gives Broadcasters’ as much bandwidth as required and will be able to grow as their requirements increase.


Multi-Service Network

Based on NetInsight transport equipment, the Network is designed to handle multi-service video and media applications, ASI and SDI (HD/SD) video transport as well as IP transport on SDH/SONET or Ethernet networks.

High Reliability

The Aldea Network is built upon highly reliable fibre optic digital circuits with redundancy and diverse systems, minimal latency and jitter characteristics.

Low Latency

Reduced latency in fibre versus satellite transmissions.

Capacity & Scalability

Dedicated high capacity fibre access to multiple locations where content originates coupled with the ability to quickly increase the circuit’s bandwidth via software provisioning to respond to changing requirements.


100% secure (no encryption needed).

End-to-End Management

To ensure the highest levels of reliability and quality, all permanent video services on Aldea’s Network are monitored continuously for video, audio and data performance from our 24/7 Network Management Center.

Customer Support

24/7 Customer Multilingual Support.