What We Do

Aldea Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of services and solutions for the television, film and media industries. Established in 2000 in Montreal, Canada, Aldea offers fully managed transmission services using its fibre and partner teleport facilities. Services include full time and occasional use services, video as file, HD encoding and other production and transmission services a customer may require. The Company’s services are used by leading major broadcasters and media companies around the world for the transmission of sports, news and television programming.

Reliable Transport Worldwide

Aldea services use state-of-the-art technology enabling the utmost quality and reliability in broadcast-quality video transmissions. Aldea operates the first pan-American fully automated fibre-based network for broadcast services with points-of-service in major cities throughout the Americas in Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile. Complementing its extensive connectivity throughout the America’s, Aldea’s network extends into Europe with dedicated fibre connectivity into the UK, Spain and France as well as partner agreements for fibre and teleport services into the Nordic region, Asia, Sub Asian continent and Australia. The Aldea network covers 29 cities in 20 countries and is in constant growth to provide a complete international content delivery solution.

Turnkey Solutions

For breaking news events, political events, as well as global sporting events, broadcasters rely on Aldea’s turnkey production, transport and technical broadcast services solutions. Broadcasters of all size can benefit from Aldea’s seamless, easy-to-manage and cost-effective solutions.

A Partner for Sports Coverage

In addition to regular transmission of sports leagues, Aldea’s innovative video transmission services are used for international major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, Pan American Games and Olympic Games. Since 2006 major broadcasters in Europe and in the Americas have relied on Aldea for the live transmission of these events in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) as well as in 3D and 4K.